Rosslare AC-G43 takkaborð

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Allt að 500 notendur
Pin OG Kort
Pin EÐA kort
Pin getur verið 4-8 tölur
IP-65, má vera úti
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Rosslare’s standalone backlit PIN controller is used for indoor and outdoor systems where PIN credentials are required. This durable model can be easily programmed with up to 500 users, on a single door.

Main Features:

500 Users
Code search feature for easy maintenance of user codes
Three user levels:
Normal – Requires single PIN code or Proximity card
Secure – Requires PIN code + Proximity card
Master User
Three access levels:
Integrated keypad for PIN entry
Programmable PIN code length of 4 to 8-digits
Programmable Backlight and active LED control
Internal buzzer
Suitable for mullion installations.
Vandal proof screw (special tool supplied)
Supplied with mounting template for easy installation
Powered either by transformer (AC) or regulated power supply (DC)

IP65 water-resistant and UV-resistant
Internal buzzer
Two inputs: REX and Auxiliary
Two Forms C, 2 Amp outputs: Lock Strike and Auxiliary
Two tri-colored status/programming LEDs
Ten programmable auxiliary behavior modes including Door Ajar, Forced Door, Alarm Shunt, Door Monitor, and LED control
Programmable Bell, chime, siren and strobe features available with BL-D40
Programmable siren time (with BL-D40)
Built-in case and optical back tamper
Lockout feature on wrong entries (Keypad / Card Tamper)
Programmable lock strike release time



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